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Barrier Spray



A barrier spray treatment is a safe, family and pet friendly service that will allow you to not only enjoy your yard, but also protect your family from disease carrying pests.  One of our trained professionals will treat all of the vegetation on your property with a fine mist applied with a back pack blower. This effectively sets up a barrier around the property. Under normal conditions, the solution will dry in 30-45 minutes. There is no odor or visible residue.  When mosquitoes, no-see-ums, or other pests rest in or feed on the vegetation, they will ingest the solution and die.  Our treatments will provide you and your family a pest free yard for 28 days.  This can be done one time or multiple times throughout the season.  

Treatment Options

Full Season (Pay in advance)

Our full season package is offered at a 30% discount from the regular one time price.  The commitment is for a treatment every 28 days through October 31.

One Time Treatment

The one-time treatment is best for the individual that wants to “try it before you buy it” 

Special Event

Our Special Event Spray is perfect for weddings, parties, or any other outdoor function.

We typically come out 48 hours prior to the event for a thorough site evaluation. We then treat the specified area between 24-36 hours before the event is scheduled to begin. We use the same family and pet friendly solution we use to treat residence, but at a slightly stronger concentration to ensure your event is pest free. Our solution leaves no odor or visible residue.

This treatment will eliminate or greatly reduce the mosquitoes that would ultimately feast on your guest.


We also treat many businesses where pests are not wanted. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Residential Rates

Rates are base on property up to 1/2 acre.


One time  treatment- $69


Full season (per treatment)- $49



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