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What is Pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is derived from the dried flowers of ChrysanthemumCinerariaefolium. "Pyrethrins" are the active insecticidal components of dried Chrysanthemum flowers, and have been used world-wide to control unwanted pests.

The Pyrethrum flower is nature's answer to controlling insect predators because oils from the seeds of the flower provide a highly effective protection against many insects. The chemical structure of pyrethrum targets a wide range of insects, including mosquitoes, which are carriers of deadly diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever and West Nile virus. When mosquitoes come into contact with this compound, it attacks their nervous systems almost immediately, knocking them from the air and kiling them.  Pyrethrum also kills spiders, flies, gnats, and other insects. 

How does Pyrethrum Work?

Pyrethrum rapidly affects a wide range of biting insects, such as mosquitoes, spiders, gnats, flies, and fleas. The complex molecular structure of Pyrethrum ensures that insect resistance isn't likely to develop - what else would you expect from nature?
Pyrethrum has a broad spectrum of activity because it consists of a group of related compounds, which give it a wider spectrum of activity against more insect species than many other single insecticides. It targets many insects found in your house or garden, such as mosquitos, flies, cockroaches, aphids and ants.
Because it is quickly degraded by the combination of sunlight and air,  pyrethrum doesn't build up in soil or watersheds.
What it does do is flush out insects where they hide, in their favorite spots like under the bushes and in trees. When forced out of hiding, insects quickly succumb to the chemical.
Pyrethrum can be made synthetically, which reduces the overall cost of producing insecticides based on it's natural components.  One man-made pyrethrum compound is called Pyrethrin, and another is Pyrethenoid, and both are used in residential and commercial pest control systems. 
Pyrethrum and it's man-made compounds are powerful insect repellents, and have become the insecticide of choice in many commercial and residential applications, such as food and grain storage protection, livestock protection, and personal protection against biting insects.

Is Pyrethrum Safe?

Pyrethrum is a biodegradable, water based concentrate derived from chrysanthemum flowers. The solution is EPA registered and has been approved for food processing plants, restaurants and sensitive applications such as the post harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables. Pyrethrum decomposes harmlessly leaving no oily residue like other chemicals or synthetic compounds that can be dangerous to humans and pets.   Pyrethrum is considered nontoxic to mammals when used in accordance with the label instructions. Pyrethrum has been used in agricultural and equine applications for a quarter of a century with no known harmful effects. Commonly Pyrethrum is a component on many flea dip applications. A word of caution, pyrethrum may be toxic to some species of fish. As with anything common sense plays a factor. Do not place food or water bowls directly under a spray nozzle.

Barrier Spray FAQs

What types of pests will your barrier spray eliminate?

Our simple and effective barrier spray will eliminate all mosquitoes, no-see-ums, fleas, ants, ticks, and many other nuisances from your property.
Will the spray kill all the mosquitoes on my property?
No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito. A mosquito could fly over your neighbors fence and never come in contact with the treated vegetation. However, you will find that the presence of mosquitoes and other pesky insects is significantly reduced.
Is it safe for my pets, children, and garden?
Yes, our solution is plant based and has a negligible effect on the environment, pets, and humans.
Can my children play in the yard during a treatment?
We strongly recommend that children and pets are not in the yard during the treatment. In most cases, the solution will dry within 30-45 minutes. When dry, there is little opportunity for the product to transfer to dry people or pets who brush against the vegetation. It is advised that children and pets stay out of the environment for 30 minutes after the solution has been applied.
Will treatments kill my plants?
No. The solution is designed to be as gentle as possible on organisms other than the targeted pests.
How long does it take to go into effect and how often do you need to apply?
Our barrier spray typically dries and activates in less than 30 minutes. The spray will continue to be fully effective for up to 28 days at which point it begins to break down and another application is needed.
Will the rain wash away the solution?
No, in most cases it takes 30-45 minutes to bond to the organic material treated; at that time there is a negligible chance to wash off.






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